A Mystery Solved


I searched high and low to identify this moth which recently landed on my hand after attempting to take up residence with me. (Apparently I’m identified by moths as “friendly human who won’t kill my kind with impunity.”) I used search terms including “brown moth”, ” tiny brown moth”, “furry brown moth”, and ” tiny brown moth southeastern us”, to no avail. Once again, I’m reminded of the incomparable uselessness of Google.

(Update: I was finally able to identify the moth in the photo, thanks to a helper on IG. He told me it was a dart moth, probably of genus Feltia. From there I was able to identify it with an image search for “dart moth” in very little time. It turned out to be the Master’s Dart Moth, or Feltia hermilis. And with that the mystery was solved.)


One thought on “A Mystery Solved

  1. Archon's Den December 7, 2015 / 8:07 am

    I sympathize with your Google frustration. I have learned exciting and fascinating things from Google, just usually not what I was researching. 😯

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