End of Day, Beginning of Year


Back in November, I saw one of the most spectacular sunsets of the year. I was headed for an evening walk and noticed the sky turning a brilliant shade of gold and orange in the west. Of course, being the inquisitive type, I had to check it out. Taking a slight detour, I found my usual sunset-viewing spot and waited for the colors to commence. I was not disappointed.


For ten minutes I stood at the edge of the parking lot by the recreation center in my neighborhood. The colors of the clouds gradually shifted and intensified from slate grey to fiery coral and hot pink. At first it seemed as if nothing was changing; the shift was so subtle. But as I stood there longer, the change became more and more dramatic. This was the brightest photo of the twenty or so that I took and probably my second favorite. There’s one more left though, and it took my breath away.


After five more minutes, the colors had changed from coral and pink to crimson  and slate grey. Granted, I’ve seen this shade of color in clouds before, but the color in this instance was so intense it seemed as if the sky was a field of strawberries, fully ripe and waiting to be picked. After I finished filming, I took the walk that I’d started earlier. Yet, despite the delay, I was happier than I had any right to be. And with that, my sunset triptych is done. You may now breathe again.


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