A Tale of Two Sisters

by Mark Miles

Of all the cats I’ve lived with, Heidi is by far the biggest poser. Whether sprawled out on my bed, perched on a tree-branch, or attempting to ambush her sister, she has a knack for positioning herself for maximum photographic effect. I half-expect her to strut into my bedroom one morning and announce her intention to actively pursue a career in modeling. She certainly has more than the requisite level of intelligence, and no one can accuse her of wearing too many clothes…

Bella on the other hand is my resident manager. She’s the one who conveys to her sister where to go, when to go there, and what to do (or not do) when she gets there. She’s the one who emits blood-curdling howls at any hour of the day or night when someone who hasn’t passed inspection comes within sight of one of her many lookouts around the house. She’s the one who checks every unusual noise to ensure that no underhanded activity is afoot and who tries to join in if so. There is, in short, nothing that goes on in this house that’s not explicitly or implicitly subject to her approval. This extends also to the overall existence of Heidi, whom Bella tolerates but will generally not be bothered with.

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One thought on “A Tale of Two Sisters

  1. savisena July 14, 2016 / 9:04 pm

    Its a very touching story about these two sisters Mark.
    Best regards dear friend!

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